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College of Dunaujvaros

Dunaujvaros, Tancsics Mihaly u. 1/A, 2401 Hungary

Established: 2000

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College of Dunaujvaros - campus



Courses Offered

Bachelor Degree :

  • Bachelor of Arts in Management and Business Administration - Duration: 3.5 Years; Cost: Rs 80,00,000/- App.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Sciences - Duration: 3 Years; Cost : Rs. 75,00,000/- App.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering Information Tehcnology - Duration : 3.5 Years; Cost : Rs. 90,00,000/- App.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Technical Management - Duration : 3.5 Years; Cost : Rs. 90,00,000/- App.
  • Bachelor of Science in Material Engineering - Duration : 3.5 Years; Cost : Rs. 90,00,000/- App.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering- Duration : 3.5 Years; Cost : Rs. 90,00,000/- App.
  • Master Degree :

  • Master of Arts in Teacher of Engineering (Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or Computer Engineer) 2 Years; Cost : Rs. 52,00,000/- App.
  • Institute Brief

    In 2000, when we had the opportunity to become an independent higher educational institution, we had a definite notion of how to become the intellectual innovation centre of Dunaujvaros and the region. We alleged the enlargement of our training and research areas into this service; we have been building a European Campus. For today we can claim that we are prepared for the challenge - with the motorway M6 and the bridge built near Dunaújváros named about the former name of the settlement, - to build the latest logistic centre of Hungary.

    With our conscious educational and infrastructural developments we achieved that the number of students has been ten folded in the last fifteen years, and now we have about 3500 students. From 2006 we offer eight BSc/BA undergraduate programmes and twelve higher-level vocational training courses. From 2007 our first Master course, the Teacher of Engineering MA programme is also available. From the same time international students also study at our institution, we teach them Engineering Business Management BSc, Computer Engineering BSc, Material Science Engineer BSc, Mechanical Engineer BSc Communication and Media BA and Business Administration BA and Teacher of Engineering MA in English language.

    In the last twelve years, due to the nearly 7 billion developments we have established a campus: with our downtown main building and our neighbouring student hostels our establishments and our rented student hostels create a real circle ring. As a Regional University Knowledge Centre we are building a student-friendly, European campus in order to like living here, stay here, to be what learn and why, to be all at our service what a European citizen makes happy today.