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Office of Admissions, Richard Berry Building, University of Melbourne, VIC 3010, AUSTRALIA

Established: 1853

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Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Agriculture ; Cost: Rs 23,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Engineering ; Cost: Rs 23,06,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Mathematics, Statistics ; Cost: Rs 22,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Master of Architecture ; Cost: Rs 22,50,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Medicine ; Cost: Rs 46,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Dentistry ; Cost: Rs 37,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Physiotherapy ; Cost: Rs 37,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Law ; Cost: Rs 23,50,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • VCA (Audio Visual) ; Cost: Rs 30,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Visual and Performing Arts ; Cost: Rs 16,00,000/- Per Year Approx.
  • Institute Brief
    An undergraduate course is your first degree at university. Search here if you're a secondary school student, or looking to start your first degree at University. You'll be able to choose from more than 80 different study areas at Melbourne. You'll find course information, entry requirements, fees and information about pathways to a professional qualification at Melbourne.