VibudhAalaya, Bangalore

  Electronic City, Bangalore-560100, Karnataka
Affiliation: NIOS, IGCSE   Private  
Established: 2020


Syllabi Followed:

Std 1 to Std X (Open Schooling)

Age Groups
6 Years to 16 Years

Institute Brief
While we have had many revolutions around us such as personal computers, Internet, AR Rahman, mobiles and artificial intelligence, what revolution have we had in school education?
- VibudhAalaya introduces "Education 3.0". We refer to the current system as 2.0 and the ancient gurukula as 1.0. The crux of this is your child be the driver of his/ her learning, in a democratic way.
How does the school center itself around your child?
VibudhAalaya lets your child choose his/ her subjects and activities.

How does the school help your child become the best in their area of interest?
VibudhAalaya has him/ her work alongside experts. Our facilitators have industry, research and teaching experience, since all of these are needed for effective mentoring.

Aren't exams necessary?
At VibudhAalaya, your child will go beyond exams and hence exams are optional. Also, your child will learn to evaluate his/ her own work and improve it as needed.

How does the school prepare your child for the real-world?
By letting her/ him be in it. In particular, since we live in a democratic country, VibudhAalaya also practices democracy.

Will my child be able to fit in other schools, if s/ he ever needs to?
Very well because our democratic environment inculcates responsibility and retains passion and tenacity in your child. So, once they understand what they need to do, they will do it with dedication, by themselves.