The Karnataka Mountaineering Association(R), Bangalore

  Room No. 205, I Floor, Karnataka Olympic Association Building, Kanteerva Stadium Premises, Kasturba Road, Bangalore - 560 001,


Courses Offered
spirit of adventure, mountaineering, rock-climbing

The primary aim of the association is to inculcate the spirit of adventure among the youth. We believe that propagating adventure and allied activities at the grass root level (children), and exposing them to its thrills would bring them closer to nature.

Outbound group activities and nature awareness have an inherent advantage in as much as they help in moulding a child's character. A good adventurer automatically becomes a good human being, and a good human being becomes a good citizen. It is such citizens we would like to churn out. We have been successful in kindling the spirit of adventure among thousands of youngsters over the past four decades. We aim to continue this process. Towards this end the association also strives to keep the programme budget modest so that all sections of society partake in them.

Outdoors present the best arena for the individual to assess his / her own capabilities and limitations. In recent times the association has also diversified into organizing programmes exclusively for the professionals, schools, colleges, corporates etc. This has become a necessity; for stress, driven by cutthroat competition, space and time constraints etc. has become a part of day to day life.

Outdoors is a good stress buster. The revolution in the field of advertising and broadcasting, technological advancements and the need to excel has overburdened and pushed the children to their limits. Today's children crave for outdoor entertainment, games etc. The association has been and will, in its own small and humble way try to expose youngsters to the outdoors and adventure sports, inculcate the spirit of adventure , encourage the more talented among them to reach greater heights, teach the virtues of team work , channelise youth power into more meaningful endeavors, wean away youngsters form the addiction of the box, educate them of the evils of deforestation and quarrying, imbibe the attitude of give and take and encourage learning through observation, curiosity and creativity. For the serious pursuers, adventure becomes a healthy addiction once rapport with nature is established.

The association has seen several of its members realize the dream of interaction with nature amidst high adventure. We aim to continue doing so for all years to come.