Szent Istvan University (SZIU)

Szent Istvan University (SZIU)

H-2100 Godollo, Pater Karoly utca 1

Established: 1787

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Szent Istvan University (SZIU)



Courses Offered

  • MSc in Agricultural Sciences - Fees: 3000 EUR/ Semester
  • MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology - Fees: 3000 EUR/ Semester
  • MSc in Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety Fees: 3000 EUR / Semester
  • MSc in Crop production Fees: 3000 EUR / Semester
  • Institute Brief
    Szent István University's rich history dates back to the 18th century. With such a long history and legacy of excellence, Szent István University stands as a central pillar of higher education in Hungary and throughout the region.

    Milestones in the history of SZIU:

  • 1787 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine founded
  • 1880 Ybl Miklós Technical College founded
  • 1917 Teacher Training College, Jaszbereny founded
  • 1920 University of Agriculture was founded in Budapest
  • 1950 University of Agriculture moved to Godollo
  • 2000 Szent Istvan University founded