F.A.M.E. India

F.A.M.E. India

No.156, 36th Cross, 2nd Main Road, Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore - 560 082

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Special Education, Therapies, Counseling


Our Mission:

To empower the physically and mentally challenged with skills, enable them to become productive members of society, and live life with dignity and self-reliance.

In March 2001, Mr and Mrs NS Raghavan began the Foundation for Action, Motivation and Empowerment India (FAME India), a non-profit, non-governmental organisation to nurture and empower differently-abled children, especially from less privileged homes. Our organisation focusses on children and young adults with neuro-muscular and developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, mental retardation, Downs Syndrome and muscular dystrophy.

We began with five children supported by a special educator and one ancilliary staff member. We grew to a school for 48 children between the ages of 5 and 25 for four years out of a rented house in South Bangalore. Now we have moved to our new school building in Jayanagar, Bangalore, and have extended our services to more than a hundred children, with a number of special educators, staff and volunteers. Most of our students have multiple disabilities and come from lower economic groups.

We believe that the opportunities and resources to empower special children are not only available within our community, but that it is also our responsibility as citizens to provide them. We have found that empowering differently-abled children brings about a positive influence in the community. We work towards integrating special children in to so-called mainstream society, harnessing their potential, and encouraging them to be independent.