Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad College of Fine Arts

Art Complex, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore 560001
Affiliation: Bangalore University

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Affilated To
Bangalore University

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts - BVA (3 Years)
  • Master of Visual Arts - MVA (1 Year)
  • Description
    Chitrakala Parishad provides an atmosphere of learning in a creative environment in the campus. Our aim and objective is to nurture ideas and aspirations of young minds. We also encourage diversity of thinking in our eclectic cultural situation. Our college aims at an interactive opportunity. We strive to create an intense and sustained professional experience for students. We provide freedom with responsibility in the dynamic contemporary culture. The student has to understand the relationship between art practice and active participation in the challenging wider world. This will enable students to relate to contemporary art discourse. They have to engage in a dialogue to provide hands on experience with skills and craft.

    On completion of the course, a student should have identified his/her area of specialization, and focus on acquiring a professional understanding of the wide opportunities available for practicing artists in our contemporary times.

    The College of Fine Arts aims at promotion and education of visual culture in the current day global context. Skills to ‘think’ and ‘feel’ are taught and considered as a means for the development of better social beings.

    The prime contribution of Art Education is to develop contemporary aesthetic sensitivity and skills to create professional visual artist. The institution is committed to nurture the conceptual visual artists. The institution is committed to nurture the conceptual and technical education, in the contest of a fine studio environment. Our mission is to encourage critical enquiry and experimentation in each medium of visual instructions.