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Institute Brief
In recent times India is emerging as one of the global hubs of technology intensive organizations and R&D, with the increase in entry of MNCs in the high-tech and R&D sectors as well as rapid growth of domestic enterprises in these sectors. Such technology based and R&D intensive industries need executives with exposure and training in Technology Management and Business Analytics. These executives need to have the ability to understand, assess and forecast how technologies impact the systems within and outside the organization (environment, economy and society at large). Similarly, formal education in analytics will strengthen the capability of these executives to perform robust analyses to make decisions in information and data driven organizations. It is to meet these two distinctive needs of high-tech industries of emerging India that our IISC Masters Program will focus on training the students in Technology Management and Business Analytics. The new masters program will be unique in the country as it is futuristic and builds leadership in the two important areas of Management, namely, Technology Management and Business Analytics.