Christ Junior College

Hosur Road

Established: 1969

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Bangalore - 560029

Courses Offered
Social Sciences:

  • PPES (Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology)
  • HESP (History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science)
  • HEPP (History, Economics, Political Science, Psychology)
  • Commerce:
  • CAMS (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Statistics)
  • CAME (Commerce (Business Studies), Accountancy, Basic Mathematics, Economics)
  • Science:
  • PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
  • PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics)
  • Description
    Christ Junior College offers excellent Pre-University education along with state of the art academic and extra-curricular facilities. The Staff at Christ Junior College is constantly updating their knowledge base and engaging in academic innovation as part of their pedagogical endeavours. By choosing Christ Junior College as your alma mater, you are partnering with us in the pursuit of excellence and service.